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Spend your ideal vacations on the magestic island of Rhodes and the nearby areas.
Live a unique experience by renting our boat. Explore Rhodes and the nearby areas and enjoy the carefree idyllic moments at the Aegean. Spend unforgetable moments by organizing daily or weekly excursions. Enjoy the sun and sea, stroll on the most famous and unreachable beaches on Rhodes. Search for the most isolated beaches, enjoy times of fun and adventure with your family or friends.

Your journey will start from the capital of Rhodes which is located at the southeastern Aegean. The heart of Rhodes is beating at the unique medieval city. Inside its walls, you will live the most beautiful days and nights on the island.

A marvelous beach filled with pines and palms, in a very short distance from the city of Rhodes. One of the most famous sights on Rhodes are the Kallithea Springs which attract every year hundreds of thousands of visitors. It is a historical monument with interesting architecture, where one can see the “Rotonda” chamber, where once its medicinal waters would spring, and many more like the beautiful mosaics. The springs are located next to the sea, 9 km south of the city of Rhodes, a little before Faliraki.

Tsabika beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It offers a huge sandy beach and shallow waters. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and is ideal for families with little kids.

The city of Lindos is 55 km away from the city of Rhodes and its beaches as well as its monuments, make Lindos a very popular tourist destination. The most significant sights at Lindos are the doric temple of Athena at the Acropolis of Lindos, the “Propylaea” of the sacred temple, the hellenistic “Stoa”, the rodian “triiris” repousse on a rock on the Acropolis, ruins of a roman temple dedicated, perhaps, to Dioklitianos, the hellenistic walls that surround the Acropolis, the castle of the Ioannites, etc.
At Lindos one can find beautiful beaches that daily , throughout the summer season, are filled with tourists. The first beach is well organized and offers sunbeds and umbrellas to the visitors. The other beach is very shallow and is ideal for families with little kids. Nearby one can find taverns that offer good food and fresh fish with a sea view.

Chalki is a greek island of the southeastern  Aegean, in the island complex of Dodekanisa and is located 5 miles west from cape Armenistis on Rhodes.There are beautiful beaches on the whole island, many of which are accessible either on foot or by boat. The most famous ones are Pontamos, Ftenagia, Kania, Giali, Areta, etc.

Tilos is of the Dodekanisa, the seventh smallest in extent and is located 22 miles northwest of Rhodes. It offers a great number of archaeological monuments and unique beaches like Eristos, Lethra, Livadia, Skafi, Tholo, Agios Sergios.

Nisiros is one of the Dodekanisa and is located northwest of Rhodes. The beaches on Nisiros are: Gialiskari, Lies, Pali, Palia Ammos, Chochlaki.

Simi is the eighth biggest greek island of the Dodekanisa complex and is located 12 miles northwest of Rhodes. The neoclassic houses on the port of Simi, Gialos, keep alive the color of the past and give the old-time glory.
Most of the beaches on Simi are very close to one another. Some of the most famous are Nos, Agios Georgios Disalonas, Agiow Nikolaos, Nanou, Marathouda, Toli, Faneromeni, Panormitis, Sesklia, Pedi, Agia Marina, Emborios, Maroni, Nimos, Agios Emilianos, Agios Vasilios, etc.

Panormiti - Simi
One can reach the gulf of Panormitis by making a trip by boat or by road. The gulf is located at the southern part of the island. Panormitis is renowned for the monastery of archangel Michail, which is located at the centre of the gulf and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. At the gulf of Panormitis there is also a beach for swimming, taverns and tourist shops for those who come to see the monastery.
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